Four Easy Steps

Whether you’re a theatre, a salon professional or a hair wearer there are four easy steps that to becoming a part of the world’s oldest most established alternative hair company, with offices in the United States, Europe, India and China.


Step 1: Get To Know Us

Review our sit and get to know our products, our process and our people


Step 2: Prepare Your Questions.

Write down any questions you may have for our knowledgeable hair extension experts.


Step 3: Contact US.

Contact us and decide how to become a part of the oldest alternative hair company in the world


Step 4: Measurable Change Your Live

Get educated and begin the journey of measurably changing life

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Why Our Hair?

Our 100% cuticle-intact Remy human hair is ethically sourced, hand selected and processed in small batches in order to control the quality, produce beautiful color variations with dimension and texture. From blond to braun our balayaged, single, dual and tri-blends and every shade in between comes with a quality guarantee. Try our hair to feel the difference.

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To see the most talented and brilliantly creative individuals in the world transform the ordinary into extraordinary follow us and delight your imagination and inspriration.


Blond & Braun, a member of the Healthy Hair Inc. family,, a global organization dedicated to measurable changing lives.  Everyone we interact with from the sourcing of our hair, to the salon professional we educate and partner with to the end user trying to look their youngest best self, we guarantee to measurably change their lives.


What Makes Our Hair Extensions Different?

Designed by hairdressers, for hairdressers, B&B Hair Extensions are the highest-earning salon service, with the fastest, safest, and least-evasive hair enhancement systems, worldwide. Our fast, comfortable, high-quality systems are ethically sourced to build client confidence AND salon sales while measurably changing lives.

Family Of Brands

Family-owned and operated, Healthy Hair Incorporated has roots dating back to 1967, perfecting handcrafted wigs, hairpieces, and hair extensions alongside the same tried and tested joint-venture manufacturing partners, with a commitment to innovative design, vibrant color, and consistent quality standards and world class education.


Sourcing & Sustainibility

We pride ourselves on ethical sourcing, sustainable small batch manufacturing and green salon-savvy packaging.  We minimize our environmental impact through the use of rainwater, and solar energy when possible, and generously pay above the market rates, to ensure an equitable transaction and access to the finest triple A human hair available allowing remote communities to thrive!.  Our proprietary small batch processing of hair has many people amazed at how our Chinese hair texture matches our predominantly western customer base.

Ethical Sourced Hair:

  • Always willing sellers and buyers with fair compensation.
  • Freedom of association – No child or forced Labor.
  • Compensation and benefit compliance with local and/or state requirements.
  • Adherence to local and or state laws and regulations on health and safety.
  • Fair disciplinary practice free of discrimination.