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B&B, like all Healthy Hair family brands are an education company first and hair extension company second.  Our bound 164 page education manual teaching you the art of being a hair extension expert and takes you on a journey, like all great education, that will measurable change your life.  From our carefully crafted technical training and our MBA level business education we guarantee to turn the learning into earning quicker than any other hair extension company in the world guaranteed.  Our 28 certified trainers all walk the walk and can talk the talk and will leave you feeling confident and comfortable when offering luxury high-cost services to your guests.  Our education is a weapon for change and our process is a partnership that will involve you in every aspect required to take you from dabbling to dominating the highest earning salon service.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
-Nelson Mandela
“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”
-Chinese Proverb

Be a Trainer

Begin the journey that measurable changes lives.  If you are a highly creative, fun, energetic hairdresser looking for their next challenge, we invite you to join our elite team of the best educators offering world class transformational education programs.  Our train-the-trainer program is guaranteed to enhance your leadership, communication, and mentoring skills, as well as measurably increase your income using the highest earning salon service.

Be a Hair Extension Sales Specialist

Become an expert, a brand ambassador that will allow you to interact with the best salons around the world by interacting directly with customers by educating them on what is process when they partner with a company like B&B.  You will find out how easy it is to sell a product with quality that sells itself.

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Get to know our world class hair extension specialist team and let us advise you.

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Our Three Promise Guarantee

As the leaders in world class hair extension education, not to be confused with a look and learn offered by all our competitors we make three promises:

  1. 1. We promise to increase your average service ticket,
  2. 2. We promise to increase your average retail ticket.
  3. 3. We promise to increase your pre-booking

Contact us to experience the what a partnership with a team dedicated to measurable changing lives.  We do not sell a product, instead we empower a process through well educated, experienced, passionate, talented people which we guarantee with measurable change your life!

Join our team today and gain access to both our education and exclusive offers on our products to share with anyone who sits in your chair! Register now!