Theatre, Opera, Flim and Television

Known for our craftmanship and quality, B&B is the choice of hairdressers, theatres, opera houses and film and television studios around; from Hollywood to Bollywood we are the chosen by the world elite.   We are well known as the creators of Captain Jack Sparrows Wig for the blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean and feature prominently on the worlds most esteemed stages like the Vienna, States Opera, Munich States Opera (SASA ADD A FEW MORE) as their go to hair manufacture.

Our Proprietary Hair Process

Blond and Braun is a fully custom human hair bleaching, dying, and manufacturing facility.  Our wigs, hairpieces, hair extensions, machine and handtied wefts, braids and toupees are all hand crafted by the most experienced artesians located in Salzburg Austria.

Our products have been featured in theatres, opera houses, television, and movie studios around the world for over 60 years. Our most famous creation was the wig worn by the world’s most lovable pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow.

Our Hair

We have the World’s only fully automated bleach machine which controls the chemical composition, temperature, and bleaching times; the three most important variables which affect the quality of the finished product.

We have been sourcing and hand-selecting all raw materials personally to ensure that we have access to the highest-grade cuticle-intact Remy hair. The cuticle is an essential element of hair because it is involved in the retention of moisture. Healthy layers of transparent cuticles protect the cortex allowing for silky shiny hair. Our hair is silicone free. Silicones are often used to mask poor-quality hair; however, they eventually wash out of the hair, leaving it a dry tangled, unmanageable mess. We have developed Protina, an all-natural protein-based conditioner that protects the hair from mechanical (brushing) and environmental damage (wind, pollution).

Our Colors

Being a custom house allows us to produce solids, dual blends, tri-blends, ombre, rooted, and balayage including any color from Wella to L’Oréal and everything in between. Send us any manufacturer’s color code or a sample of the actual hair and our team of artisans will match and make the identical color for you.

Make Up and Special Effects

We specialize in more than hair because where there is hair for stages and screens there should also be makeup artistry, including diverse make up, and Special effects products (like GM-Foam, silicones, blood etc.).Our product range includes silicones as well as both hot and cold foams. We have make-up chairs, hair dryers and thermos forming machines available in various sizes.


From bald cap supplies to wig caps, blood, sponges application brushes, transitional gels, latex foam, pigment palettes, release agents, wooden mannequin heads, hair conditioners, shampoos, wig stands, and so much more we have it and if we don’t we can probably find it for you.

Our team is extremely resourceful and our 60 plus years in this industry has allowed us to meeting many people, created many contacts and sources of unique products; so if you don’t see it send us an email and let us try and find it for you.